Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gung Hoi Fat Choi!! Year Of The SheepSave the date Sunday, February 22

Today is Chinese Lunar New Year, a good time as any to start blogging again after a hiatus. This Sunday the Brooklyn Chinese American Association will hold it's annual festival on 8th Avenue. Like every year there will be plenty of local dignitaries and yes politicians attending. Probably including our Mayor who is now forever famous for killing the Groundhog and cursing us with probably six more years of winter. Let us hope that if he shows up he doesn't accidentally kill anyone. The usual festivities are usually punctuated by fireworks a dozen or so Lion dancers, a cultural show and a march down 8th avenue from 50th street to 60th street. It's a very photogenic event so show up early before the crowds as 8th Avenue gets completely packed and bring your camera with you to record the event...

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