Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Some Alternate Supermarkets to Steve's C Town on 8th.

With the closing of Steve's C Town on 8th Avenue and a year to go before it resurfaces on the Avenue again I decided to explore some alternatives to go food shopping while we wait with baited breath for the reopening of the new C Town. The first on my list of recommendations is Steve's other store located on 9th street just off 5th Avenue in Park Slope. You can get there either by train via fourth Avenue or by bus via 5th Avenue. the store has been recently renovated  and is state of the art to serve the more upscale clientele of that neighborhood.  Steve has promised to deliver to Sunset Park from that location to his customers in Sunset Park. You can view his sales flyer for that location here...

The second location I recommend for cleanliness is the renovated and more upscale C Town on 25th street and 4th Avenue in the Greenwood Heights section of Sunset Park. Comparable in size to Steve's on 8th it has the advantage of having a parking lot and is accessible by car. You can find their circular here...

The third store on my list is the newly refurbished and still undergoing upgrades City Fresh Market  which took over from Associated Markets and is located on 6th Avenue between 50th and 51st streets. The store is about 2/3 the size of Steve's but they pack a lot inside as the aisles are narrower. The meat department is currently undergoing an upgrade but the store is generally clean and includes a deli section and a small buffet section with fresh cooked food. They don't have an online circular but you can visit their page here.

The next store on my list is the Bravo Supermarket on 4th Avenue between 48th street and 49th streets. This store has also recently undergone some renovations. It is clean and well kept inside and is comparable in size to City Fresh Market above. You can visit their page  here as well as access their circular.

The last store on my list is the Key Food on the corner of 44th and 5th Avenue. The store hasn't been modernized in some time but it is large and well kept. There are of course other supermarkets in the neighborhood. They are all in need of renovation and modernization and in many cases new management that at least would keep them clean. I really can't think of any that deserve honorable mention. But you are all welcome to post any suggestions in the comments section below...


Franc said...

From a reader on FaceBook " Sad to hear C-town on 8th will close.. They were the
best in the neighborhood..this past Sat went to C-Town on 25 St & 4th Ave - HORROR! They dont have prices
marked on most products, they are over-priced.. If you
dont watch what the cashier is charging, they rob you
blind..and the print on the screen is small so you cant
read whats being rung up.. SO that C-Town is definitely
out for me. Very Disappointed.

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