Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bay Ridge is 154?

Over at the Right in Bay ridge Blog they are celebrating the 154th birthday of the neighborhood to our South. Southern Sunset Park was once part of the Ridge. We in Sunset Park are much younger, the neighborhood having been established in 1964 by cobbling together Northern Bay Ridge, Southern Park Slope and everything in between. The oddity is that the Post Office named for Bay Ridge is still located in Sunset Park on the corner of 7th Ave. and 55th street. I frankly think it's about time that the postal Service appropriately find a Post Office in Bay Ridge to name The Bay Ridge Post Office. But, I am not in charge of such things. In any case, I think it appropriate to wish all those folks in Bar Ridge a hearty Happy Birthday!! How about a slice of cake?

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Right in Bay Ridge said...

Thanks for the link!

As you point out, Sunset Park has its own special historical connection with Bay Ridge and should rightly share in some of our celebration.

However, was "Bar Ridge" a Freudian slip?

Franc said...

LOL, nope, it was more like a typo. But who knows, maybe God guided my fingers :-).

C-Funk said...

yes yes yes we need our own post office! i hate trekking to 7th avenue. rezone me! :)

Gotham City Insider said...

I used to live on the bucolic 2nd Avenue near 62nd. Near the old army terminal and I too was zoned for the "Bay Ridge" post office on 55th and 7th. It was lunacy.

But the award for worst post office ever goes to the one on 68th and 4th. Its like a make believe post office. The land that time forgot. The clerks move slower than frozen molasses, its awful. Half the clerks are deaf, bad attitudes, etc. It's like where they send the post office workers who've been bad. Like misfit post office camp, the delinquents.

Once I was mailing a letter that I'd stamped "Carpe Diem" on. The clerk actually said to me, "Carpe Diem? What's that mean, air mail?"