Sunday, December 16, 2007

A litlle snipet of Sunset Park's Demographics.

Over at the blog of the Newspaper of record, The New York Times they had a little piece on the demographics of Sunset Park which I found a bit fascinating. Having lived through all the changes in the last thirty years here I can probably say without reservation that we will probably see more of the same, change that is. Thanks to Mike Rose wherever you are for asking the question.


As a Sunset Park resident, I’m fascinated by the combination of Latino and Asian communities in the neighborhood. Are there other NYC neighborhoods with the same juxtaposition of cultures?

Mike Rose


Even in Sunset Park, there are discrete pockets, with the Eighth Avenue side more Chinese and the Fifth Avenue side more Latino. A report by the city’s Department of Planning, ‘’The Newest New Yorkers 2000,'’ said that Sunset Park along Brooklyn’s western waterfront was among the city’s most polyglot, with 49.2 percent, or 59,209, of its 120,464 residents born abroad. Of those, 19,451 were born in China, 8,408 in Mexico, 7,512 in the Dominican Republic, 3,261 in Ecuador and 1,545 in Poland.

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