Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Cream Cake Machine of Sunset Park

Over at New York Magazine's Website they had an article about a recently unveiled cream cake machine in Chinatown. The article noted that there are only three of these machines in existence and one of them was in Sunset Park at 60th and 8th (the actual location). Being the adventurous type and being near there I decided to investigate. Hey I figured at $2 for 8 cakes, why not?

The article seemed intriguing as follows;

  • A Chinatown eatery has put something on the sidewalk that’s much more exciting than the usual bag of fish: the cream-cake machine! Unveiled for a test run yesterday outside of Quickly, a trendy bubble-tea and shabu shabu spot, the Korean contraption is just one of three in the city, said manager Patrick Chu. (The other two are at Quickly's Flushing and Sunset Park locations.) The thumb-size cream cakes cost $2 for eight and $5 for 24. Considering the machine churns out two dozen cakes every five minutes, we wonder if this means the end for the humble griddle man.
So off we went with camera in hand and $2 to try them out. Frankly I had seen the griddle carts along 8th avenue but had never tried cream cakes before. Quickly is situated around the corner off of 8th on 60th street. The machine looked just like the one in the article. I ordered 8 cakes and tried them out. The cakes taste rather a bit sweet and in some ways reminded me of Twinkies without the cream and heavy sugar. They weren't bad at all and at $2 were rather reasonably priced and a relatively cheap snack for when you have the munchies. Now that I know these guys are there I think I will occasionally stop there and get some cream cakes. I will also have to stop by one of those griddle carts and see what the competition tastes like as well.

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Gotham City Insider said...

Quickly is on 60th off 8th avenue not 5th.

Frank said...

Thanks for the correction, I have no clue why I kept putting 5th instead of 8th. And I didn't even catch it during proofreading.:-(

nightflight II said...

What's happened to Quickly in 2012? Grand St. location discontinued their hotpot and removed the cream cake machine, and my friend is saying that machine in Queens is gone as well. Cashier at Grand St. would only shrug mysteriously when asked why they got rid of the 2 best things about Quickly. Is the Sunset Park one still there?