Saturday, January 12, 2008

Housing Project on 39th and 6th on again!

Earlier this morning I was passing by the construction site on the corner of 39th street and 6th Avenue. The site had been inactive for the last two months and it seemed that they had possibly run out of money or were taking a break. But this morning there was activity at the site. Being the curious sort I went there and asked the workers when the completion date was going to be. Nobody spoke English so that answer was not forthcoming. However, I did get a peek at what the ground floor would look like and having my camera with me I snapped a few shots.

The ground floor seems to be gated and fenced and there appear to be apartments that are located slightly below ground level. That explains why I kept seeing the tops of doors above the wooden fence level. Now that the project appears to be ongoing again, several questions come to mind. When the project was first proposed on the site of the old Getty service station that stood there. There were environmental issues and it had caused a controversy at the local community board as to what type of housing would be built at the site with most preferring affordable middle income housing to be put there. It was never clear to me if they were going to be condos or rentals. There is no indication of that in any of the postings on the outside. There is the issue why the site seemed to be inactive for the last two months. Did these guys run out of money? Are they selling apartments or the entire project? Were they foreclosed? Is Century 21 representing a bank? Questions, questions. I suppose we will eventually find out.

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