Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Assemblyman Ortiz wants you to pay more for beer!

Our esteemed assemblyman representing Sunset Park in the state assembly Felix Ortiz has come out with an idea to raise more revenue according to our local paper the Sunset News. Supposedly the money would go to fund programs for Junior highschoolers and preventing from turning to a life of alcohol. He expects the bill to raise at least $200 million.
Our assemblyman has been a very busy boy. Last year he sponsored a bill that would have effectively banned the sale of vitamins and supplements without FDA approval and a doctor's prescription. While I find the supposed goal compelling I find it interesting that he did not also go after wine and hard liquor as well, the drink of choice of the upper classes. Instead he has targeted beer which is the drink of choice of most of his constituents. Especially Hispanics from the Caribbean and blue collar workers which make up the bulk of the voters in our district. Should this bill pass, which seems unlikely at this time with the Governor pushing for lower taxes. I wonder if many of us will like the fact that we will have to pay 25 cents a can more and $1.50 per six pack. Will the voters target their angst at Ortiz? I somehow doubt it. But, if we want to stop the consumption of alcohol, why not ban it altogether? Somehow I don't think that will happen either. The problem with raising taxes is that in the end the ones who pay are the working class and the middle class. The rich have lawyers and loopholes.
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