Saturday, July 3, 2010

More In Search of Dumplings in Sunset Park.

Being a creature of habit sometimes has it's advantages and sometimes not. One of the more popular posts from a while back was my review of the only two dumpling places at the time.  Prosperity Dumpling has been open for just over a year. I remember making a mental not to myself that I would have to drop in there at some point and try their dumplings. I only live three blocks from the place so I really should not have had an excuse to avoid it. But life sometimes isn't a planned thing and I never got the chance to walk in there until this last week. I had read the few reviews of the place in Yelp (and BTW they have the nabe wrong) and though them intriguing. Well, I can report I was not disappointed. The dumplings were great. the place is clean and has a more restaurant look than the other two locations in the nabe. I decided to get 12 dumplings for $3 and what a full plate that was. The dumplings were not as greasy as one would expect. The soy sauce they use at the tables is a bit vinegary much the same as they use at Family Dumpling. I would have hoped that they would have a choice of soy sauce without vinegar but nevertheless I found the dumplings fresh, tasty and quite filling. I have not tried their sesame cake yet but will next time I drop in. Now I have no excuse to avoid the place. perhaps when I'm there I can recommend that they put plain soy sauce on the tables.  Oh, and BTW it's located on the corner of 44th street and 8th Avenue.

[where: 11232]
[where: 11220]
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Kristin said...

I think that they call it Borough Park because a different CB handles that side of 8th Avenue. Seems silly, I know, but administratively it counts as Borough Park. We all know it's Sunset.