Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunset Park is Still Best spot to watch the Macy's Fireworks Show !!

Tomorrow for those of us stuck in the city the only consolation will be that we will have one of the best Fireworks shows in the country. The Annual Macy's Fireworks show will send up rockets galore over the Bay. One good spot to watch it from but always crowded every year is the 69th street pier just over the border in Bay Ridge at the end of Bay Ridge Avenue. Sunset Parkers are fortunate that they have the second highest natural point in the borough in Sunset Park. From this vantage point you can pretty much see all of New Jersey and the southern tip of Manhattan as well as much of the bay.  The fun starts at around 9:15 PM. You should however, be at the park at least forty minutes earlier so you can pick a spot. The park fills up pretty quickly as the time approaches for the show to start. You might want to have a fold able chair and bring a radio so you can hear the background music that goes along with the show. Sunset Park always fills up really fast during these fourth of July shows and believe it or not a lot of people from out of the nabe show up as well. For other links and spots to watch the show you can follow this link here. You can also visit Macy's official page Here  Can't make it to Sunset Park? Try this link for other spots to watch it from.  I hope to see you all there tomorrow.

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[where: 11204]


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