Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunset Park May Lose half of Pier 4 to Commercial Use..

Sunset park may lose half the public space at Pier 4 by the Brooklyn Army Terminal according to an article at the DNAinfo website. Pier 4 is the only accessible pier in Sunset park where the ferry terminal is located. Many public events have been held there and is used by some local fishermen to drop hooks into the water. According to the article; "The proposal would allow the Baltimore-based marine transportation business to “license and improve” about 1,000 linear feet of the pier near 58th Street, as well as one row of parking along the pier, according to a public presentation shared with DNAinfo New York."

The proposal would leave the only totally accessible pier to be the one at 69th street in Bay Ridge. It might also impede one of the best views of the bay and Manhattan in the distance since it may no longer be accessible by the public. If you have any opinions on this you should make an effort to contact the office of councilman Carlos Menchaca at 718-439-9012..

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